The Many Things About Love

Why does heartbreak hurt so much?
Maybe it’s because you knew what love felt like.

Love was sweet, like the taste of maple syrup rightly soaked into your pancake.
Love was fresh, like the first sip of coke on a hot summer day.
Love was comforting, like seeing your parents during the semester breaks.
Love was exciting, like waiting in line for the roller-coaster ride.
Love was calming, like watching the sunset by the beach with a cold glass of beer.

But love was also fierce, like how it screamed at you and did not give you a chance to speak.
Love was also cruel, like how it robbed you from your privilege to be angry.
Love was also unfair, like how it held you from wanting to be with your friends.
Love was also selfish, like how it demanded only your attention but never gave them theirs.
Love was also ignorant, like how it didn’t know you were hurting inside.

But love was also loyal, like how it would defend you when you were not there to defend yourself.
Love was also kind, like how it would drop everything to make sure you eat well.
Love was also patient, like how it waited for you to find them even when you were miles away.
Love was also attached, like how it only wanted you to themselves.
Love was also brave, like how it took a chance with you.

There are many things about love, and it isn’t perfect;
But you only knew of heartbreak because
someone loved you.

Guntor x

I'm an ok writer.